Petwear Wash Bags

The wash bag acts as a filtration system for your washing machine. It retains the pet hair inside the bag during the was cycle whilst allowing the free flow of water through the bag to clean your items. The wash bag also helps to prevent buckle damage when washing collars, leads and girth straps.

After washing any trapped pet  hair can be easily shaken out of the bag leaving the bag ready to reuse.

The washbag is very user friendly with a zip front closure and useful hanging loop. When not in use the wash bag is handy for storing away your pet laundry until ready for washing.

Small Size  41 x 54 cms  collars, leads, girths and bandages. 

Large Size  58 x 75 cms dog coats and blankets, horsewear including nummahs and boots

Jumbo Size 75 x 80 cms pet clothing, bedding and mats horswear, nummahs and rugs.

Orange bags are labelled for horsewear and Orange bags petwaer but the are the same bags so you can choose any colour.

I have tested these bags myself after clogging me new washing machine with dog hair and it is fantastic, blankets came out clean and no hair in the machine.

First Class postage in UK included in price.

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Price: £8.95

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