Keepsafe Break-Away

The Keepsafe Break-Away Collar is the only collar that has a patented safety buckle that is designed to protect dogs from collar accidents and can be used securely with a leash. The breaking strength of the safety buckle is engineered to correspond to the collar size. The collar can be re-connected if the Break-Away is used

Did you know thousands of dogs are injured or strangled by their collars each year? In a US survey, 96% of veterinarians reported having seen/heard of a collar-related injury or death within the last year.
The most frequently reported accidents occur while two dogs are at play, on fences/decks, crates/kennels, heating/cooling vents, and branches or shrubs.

Premier are dedicated to preventing needless injuries and deaths by providing you with KeepSafe, the life-saving break-away collar. Sadly, most dog owners are completely unaware of the risks and frequency of collar strangulation accidents until its too late. So many of the letters they receive carry this similar phrase: "I wish I would have known about collar safety sooner because my dog would still be alive."


This collar is available in 6 sizes and 6 colour options.

Petite size is 3/8 inch wide, adjustable from 7 to 10 inch. Suitable for very small breeds such as chihuahua or other teacup breeds

Small size is 3/4 inch wide, adjustable from 10 to 13 inch. Suitable for Beagles, Jack Russells, Shelties

Medium size is 3/4 inch wide, adjustable from 14 to 20 inch. Suitable for Dalmations, Pointers, Spaniels 

 Medium size is 1" inch wide, adjustable from 14 to 20 inch. Suitable for Dalmations, Pointers, Spaniels etc.

Large size is 1 inch wide, adjustable from 18 to 28 inch. Suitable for Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds 

Ex/Large size is 1 inch wide, adjustable from 22 to 34 inch. Suitable for Giant breeds

Measure round your dogs neck and add about 1 inch to get the correct size

This collar is available in RED,  BLACK,  ROYAL BLUE, +   LIMITED EDITION BONES AND PAWS

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