Surefit Harness

The Surefit® Harness

in 5 ways to give your dog the best fit. This harness has a special no-choke design with easy on and off double shoulder snaps. This means that you dont have to pull a foreleg through a loop while your dog wriggles all over the place! Pressure is placed on the breastbone rather than the base of the throat for greater comfort

This harness never causes choking gagging or coughing, requires little acclimatisation time or special technique. Great for everyday walking, it comfortably fits on short nosed breeds. Veterinarian and trainer recommended, it can be used to walk puppies as young as 8 weeks. This is a quality product from Premier, a leading US pet Accessories manufacturer. Various colours and sizes available
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This harness is Large Size, made from 1 inch wide nylon. Fits girth sizes 28 inch to 42 inch. (Labs, Goldens, Rotties)  Lead not included.

TO SELECT THE CORRECT SIZE AND ADJUST TO FIT  Measure dog around girth at the widest point behind front legs, and choose appropriate size.  Open both girth snap connectors. Place neck loop over dog's head with D ring on his back and pointing towards his tail  Bring certre strap between legs ans snap girth straps together avoiding twisting straps. Adjust so that girth strap is comfortably snug.  Press fingers on lower front of dog's chest to locate breast bone. Adjust shoulder straps and strap between legs so front O ring is on or below breast bone (unsnap girth straps to complete adjustments) 

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